who we are

lisa parks is the founder of soul studio.

lisa is a yogi and artist who spent over two decades working in child protection.  she became curious about the topic of trauma while working directly with children (and their families) who experienced child abuse and neglect.  she was deeply affected and inspired by the experiences and stories of the children she worked with and the humans in her personal life who have experienced trauma.

she also became interested in her own secondary trauma as a result of the work she was doing.  art and yoga both played primary roles in her ability to process the trauma she was exposed to, sustain the work and remain hopeful about the world and the humans in it.

lisa founded soul studio to share the transformative power of yoga and art.  the program is inclusive and beneficial for all, regardless of trauma history, gender identity or expression, race, age, culture, ability, size and yoga/art experience.  lisa's mission is to make the program available to children and teens affected by sexual and physical abuse, incarcerated and court-involved youth, young mothers trying to parent in the midst of trauma and chaos, and professionals who are exposed to trauma in the course of their work.

lisa studied with hala khouri, david emerson, cathy malchiodi, and so many other brilliant yoga and art teachers.  but her practice and service remain mostly influenced and inspired by the children she has had the honor to meet.

lisa looks forward to applying the soul studio curriculum in a variety of settings with diverse populations.

soul studio was founded in june 2016.

more bios and photos coming soon.